Michelle Dickson
My work points to the potential for transformation and transcendence of the every day, the ugly, and the over looked. A slowing down is required- both in the creation and the experience of the work. There is a recurring contemplation on the interconnectivity of everything around us- rivers are highways are veins. Deteriorating walls become a portrait of time and a record of human touch. The fragility of the body is experienced in the crumbling buildings I see when I walk downtown.

An awareness of the temporal is woven into nearly every conceptual and process oriented aspect of my work. I often evoke a single moment that has been paused, while multiple layers of information unfold. This relates to the process of remembering as the body is paused in the present while the mind enters into the past. Experience with loss in my life has inspired meditation on wider themes. I often use fragile, un-archival materials to evoke a sense of duration. The uncertainty of life in general is a simple yet powerful driving force behind my work.